Japanese Cultural, Festival & Sporting Clubs Info

Take a walk on the cultural side

Got some free time and want to check out something other than the nightspots? Shrines, Temples and Festivals await.

Japan National Tourist Organization pretty much covers it all.

Museum Info Japan, there will be one near you.

The Japan Foundation offers a variety of cultural exchange info.

Tokyo Comedy Store isn't Japanese, but it's in Japan!

Japan Atlas has festival dates, maps, and a cool virtual tour.

Japan-Guide covers customs, traditions, annual events and more.

Clubs and sporting groups

Looking to take up that old sport again or get into something new? Or maybe the waistline's expanding and it's time to get fit, here are some clubs you could join.

Olympians here

International Friendship Football League promotes soccer and culture among soccer fans.

Tokyo Street Hockey for you perhaps? All welcome.

Komae Touch Rugby is looking for new members around Tokyo.

Tokyo Goannas is for the Aussie rules enthusiasts out there.

Namban Rengo is a Tokyo running club... on your marks!

Armchair olympians here

Democrats Abroad Japan... Democrats abroad Japan.

Republicans Abroad Japan... Republicans abroad Japan.

Tokyo Toastmasters can help you enhance your public speaking.

AFWJ is the association of foreign wives of Japanese.