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Teaching English in Japan - teaching private lessons

Teaching in Japan and looking for private students? Teacher registration takes 10 minutes. Student looking for a private language teacher in Japan? Teachers in Japan are joining daily and added to our database. Teachers currently in Japan sign-up and use at no cost and students in Japan are guaranteed current and active teacher details.

Quickview of 121sensei.com

121sensei.com is for anyone teaching in Japan that would like to teach private lessons. There are always students wanting private lessons and you'll have the freedom of teaching your students on your terms. Free registration and use for teachers... set your own fees... set your own schedule... students find you... no teaching contracts... for teachers Japan-wide.

What's the system?

Language teachers can use 121sensei.com if interested in teaching private lessons in Japan. Complete the online registration form and your details will then be searchable to students in Japan looking for a language teacher. Your profile will highlight teaching methods, materials used, teaching qualifications, locations you can teach, etc. Students contact teachers directly.

Who can use 121sensei.com?

Teachers of any language are welcome to register. Students are looking for private lessons over a range of languages, with English teachers being the most sought after. If you are a student, spouse, self-employed, or currently teaching, register now to teach private lessons.

How much do I get paid?

You determine your own lesson fees and that information is included in your profile. As an indication the average rate in Japan for teaching private lessons is around ¥3000 per hour. Students pay lesson fees directly to the teacher each lesson.

Is there a contract?

No contracts, all you need to do is register and wait for students to contact you. Sign up is completely free and once your profile is up and running on our site you may edit or delete it at any time.

Where do I teach?

You decide where and when you teach your private lessons. Our registration form allows for selection of preferred teaching venues such as your home, cafe, classroom. In regards to locations this service is for teachers and students anywhere in Japan.

Should I include my photo?

It's optional to include your photo but we recommend that teachers do, as profiles with a picture attract more attention and interest from students. You can add a picture from the members area or send it to us as an email attachment.


Top Ten Tips

  1. Update your profile regularly, even if only to refresh it. Refreshed profiles go to the top of search results for your category.
  2. Location, location, location! Students search by locations. The more place names you include will determine how easily you are found.
  3. Include your picture as profiles with a picture generate more interest. Our initial results page will show students which teacher profiles have a photo attached.
  4. Use the 'Comment to Students' area to supplement your details. Keep it simple, form it well, and think of your target audience.
  5. Reply promptly when notified of selection as it ensures that details given to students are current and valid and that you are aware that a student will be contacting you.
  6. Select appropriately from the 'Your Japanese Level' field. Err on the side of caution if borderline as students will expect the level that you indicate in your profile.
  7. Keep your profile active by logging in at least once every two weeks. Profiles not refreshed or updated for long periods may be deactivated until updated again.
  8. When contact from a student is by phone, speak clearly and at an easy to follow pace. Reconfirm details regarding meeting time and place. Please return missed calls.
  9. Regularly check the email address you registered with and check your junk mail folder if using a filter, easy to miss a students email.
  10. Read our FAQ page in more detail - Go to the FAQ page
    Not registered? You can be in 10 minutes - Register now


New User and Help Section

Language teachers in Japan - get your own private students

121sensei.com is for the use of all language teachers in Japan. We can help teachers find private students no matter what language you speak or where you live in Japan. Registration and use is free for language teachers in Japan.

Why private lessons? Teachers view

Teaching private lessons in Japan has numerous benefits for the teacher. You get multiple choices: Where you teach: How you teach: What times you teach: How much you get paid: What teaching materials you use: How little or much you want to work: How you dress, etc.

Why private lessons? Students view

Students attending large chain schools in Japan often pay high prices for a course. Add in the joining fee it can be expensive for students... enter the private language teacher. Students choose their teacher: Students pay their teacher on a per-lesson basis: Students get personalized lessons: It offers flexibility to the teacher and student.

The lessons - first contact

Once a student has chosen a teacher we will notify the teacher of their selection. We forward the teachers contact information to the student (teachers email and phone details), and the student can then contact the teacher directly to arrange a meeting. Initial contact from students is usually by email, but when a student calls you it is a good idea to speak clearly and keep it simple. Perhaps repeat and have the student repeat details about meeting time and place.

Lesson venue

Teachers elect to teach private lessons at home, in a cafe, or their classroom. Initial meetings between the teacher and student may be more comfortable in a neutral setting, a cafe will do. If you teach students in your apartment it's a good idea to have it on the neat side of the scale.

Lesson venue - part two

Don't limit yourself to your immediate neighbourhood for teaching private lessons, perhaps you can attract private students near your work place.

Teaching materials

Use teaching materials that you are comfortable with. Textbooks get a little pricey so photocopy a few of your colleagues or friends books (maybe textbooks from your school?). Check the classifieds as you will occasionally find people giving teaching materials away. There are various websites where you can download ready made lessons and other teaching related materials, check our teaching tips page.

Scheduling and cancellations

When arranging lesson dates and times get your student to repeat the details to you as nobody wants a no-show. In the event of cancellations please give as much notice as possible.

Students pay you

Students pay teachers cash on a lesson-to-lesson basis. If you've never been paid this way before you may feel a little awkward at first. Perhaps have the student give you your lesson fee in an envelope.

Students know teachers lesson fees from their profile but it's still a good idea to slip it into the conversation on your first meeting with all students so there's no confusion. Also, please don't increase your fees at the time of selection for the student that has just selected you as their choice has been made based on details on your profile at that time.


FAQ Section


About 121sensei.com

121sensei.com is for teachers in Japan teaching any language that would like to conduct private lessons. It's a simple process, once your registration has been submitted and accepted (you must be in Japan), your profile will go online and can be viewed by students in Japan looking for a private teacher.

Once a teachers profile is online students can view it from our database. Students may choose teachers living in their area or near their workplace. Students decisions are based on teachers fees, style of teaching, location, etc.

The account you create has various fields for you to complete and we recommend that teachers complete it as detailed as possible so that students have more information to make a decision by. If you are able to teach in multiple areas (near home or work), it may increase your chance of selection.

121sensei.com may be used by anyone teaching in Japan to attract private students. Perhaps you have a fulltime job and want to boost your income by teaching private lessons, or maybe you want to increase your current number of private students. Whatever your aim 121sensei.com can assist teachers Japan wide.

121sensei.com is entirely free for teachers to register and use. We don't charge teachers and we don't dictate lesson fees.

Teaching private lessons in Japan may be more satisfying for you as a teacher as you can cater to your own students needs as opposed to the more structured approach of large chain schools. Working for yourself also gives you added flexibility and control over lesson content, text used, and teaching style.

In offering this service to language teachers in Japan we hope you will take advantage of it and use it to suit your needs. If you have any questions you can check out our FAQ page, thank you.


Tips for Teachers in Japan

When you set your lesson fees try not to undervalue yourself. If you charge too little you may not earn the respect of students. Conversely, ask too much and you perhaps won't get chosen at all. You may want to have a cancellation policy as students might cancel on you. You can partially solve this problem by stating from the beginning that you will charge cancellation fees for lessons.


Please keep a schedule for lessons you have set to avoid double-booking hassles.

Getting ready

As a private teacher you may want to have some sort of level check for your first meeting with a student as it can serve two purposes.

  1. The teacher will appear more professional and prepared.
  2. It helps determine what text you'll use.

Even if your student only wants a conversation class, a level check can help you guide the conversation to topics that will help them improve in the areas where they have weaknesses. Got a range of teaching materials? Show them to your students as it makes you look even more prepared and professional.

In the lessons


Privacy Policy

121sensei.com will only use the personal information you have chosen to provide us for the purpose for which you provided it.

121sensei.com will not use it for any other purpose without your consent.

If we hold your personal information, we will where possible provide you with access to the information, and we will take reasonable steps to correct the information so that it is accurate, complete and up-to-date.



Students Main Page


















Students Main Page

  1. このサイトでは、好きな講師を選ぶことができます。好きな国籍などもを選ぶことができます。英会話学校では講師を選ぶことができません。新しい講師が毎日登録されているので、こまめにチェックしてください。
  2. 自宅や勤務先に近い講師を探してください。121sensei.comの講師の多くは複数のレッスン場所を載せています。あなたの勤務先や自宅の近くでレッスンを受けたいなら、メイン・ページから検索してください。まずは、都道府県と言葉を選択し、そして次のページのリストから好きな講師を選ぶことができます。
  3. 121sensei.comは、講師を探している個人や学校に一番安いサービスを提供しています。リストから講師を5人まで選ぶことができます。 3,500円で、講師の連絡先を送ります。類似するサイトと比較すれば、121sensei.comが一番安いことがわかります。同じ講師が各サイトに登録していることもわかります。
  4. 平均、講師は1時間のプライベート・レッスンで2,500円~3,000円のレッスン料を希望しています。外語学校と比較してみてください。個人レッスンのために、1時間で14,000円近くかかる学校もあります。121sensei.comの講師の多くはその学校に勤めています!
  5. プライベートレッスンの先生を選ぶと融通がききます。好きなようにレッスンをスケジュールできます。レッスンを受ける時だけ、レッスン代1回分のみをはらいます。大手外語学校は、前払いを要求し、レッスンを受ける期間も限られています。121sensei.comはあなたに力を与えます。
  6. 講師とレッスンのスケジュールを組み立てることができるので、学校より個人レッスンの方が良いです。マンツーマンですから先生と話す時間も、クラスのレッスンよりも多いです。個人レッスンはもっと個性的です。英会話学校の3、4人の40分レッスンを想像してください。自分はあまり話す時間がないでしょう?
  7. 個人レッスンの場合、好きな教材を使っても良いです。多くの講師はテキストや教材を持っていますが、あなたの一番好きなテキストを使ってもらっても構いません。英会話学校の場合、講師はその学校のテキストしか使えないので選ぶことはできません。
  8. 講師がプロフィールに載せた選択をもとに、レッスンを教えてもらう場所を選べます。自宅、喫茶店、教室などの場所もあります。時間しばらくしてから、また先生と相談して、変更してもかまいません。
  9. 121sensei.comは講師の詳細を保証しています。類似したサービスは講師がまだ受講生を求めているかどうかチェックしていません。 121sensei.comが先に選ばれた講師へ連絡します。万が一、選ばれた講師の時間が合わないなどの問題が生じた場合、他の講師の連絡先を無料で差し上げます。
  10. 121sensei.com の詳細をお求めの方は、Q&Aのページをご覧 ください。 - Q&Aページへ
  11. そして、メイン・ページから、登録した講師のプロフィールをご覧ください。講師リストを追加する際は、講師のプロフィールの下にある「カートへ入れます」機能をご利用ください。



Students Main Page

121sensei.com はマンツーマン英会話レッスンのサービスです。マンツーマン英会話レッスンを教えたい先生が、ここに登録しています。英会話先生のプロフィールは生徒が見られるように掲載されています。毎日新しい先生の登録があり、日本語のメイン・ページから検索すれば、英会話先生の詳細を見ることが出来ます。マンツーマン英会話先生のプロフィールには、英会話先生の国籍、マンツーマン英会話レッスン(グループレッスンを含む)の場所、教え方、使っている材料、レッスン代など、英会話先生についてたくさんの情報が掲載されています。写真を載せている先生も多いです。マンツーマン英会話先生は言語や国籍で検索できます。













実は、多くの121sensei.com のマンツーマン英会話先生は外語学校に勤めていて、マンツーマン英会話レッスンを空いている時間に教えています。マンツーマン英会話レッスンの利点の一つは、外語学校に比べて、先生も生徒も、レッスンの教え方について融通がききます。なお、121sensei.comの紹介サービスの場合、外語学校のような高額な入会金が必要ありません。生徒は毎回のレッスン代のみ(平均¥3,500)を払います。¥14000近くかかる外語学校と比べてみれば、マンツーマン英会話レッスンの方がより経済的でより温かい雰囲気の中、レッスンを受けることができ、人気上昇中です!マンツーマン英会話先生のリストを検索して、マンツーマン英会話レッスンを今すぐ始めましょう!

マンツーマン英会話レッスン代は先生によって異なります。各先生のレッスン料は先生のプロフィールで見ることができます。平均生徒1人の場合、1時間¥3,500になります。¥14000近くかかる外語学校と比べてみれば、選択は簡単です! 多くの121sensei.com の先生は外語学校に勤めていて、マンツーマン英会話レッスンを空いている時間に教えています。




様々な言葉を話せる先生が登録されています。もちろん、英語は最も人気です。マンツーマン先生の中で、5ヶ国語が話せる先生もいます! 簡単に先生を探して、マンツーマンレッスンをすぐに始めることができます。マンツーマンレッスンの言葉を選ぶこともできます。





Students Main Page





なぜ個人レッスン? 生徒の立場


なぜ個人レッスン? 講師の立場


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