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121sensei.com is for teachers of any language that are in Japan that would like to teach private lessons to students at a cafe or in their home. Teachers can easily register and use 121sensei.com at no cost and no matter where they live in Japan.

Why Private Lessons? Teachers View

Working in Japan as a private teacher has numerous benefits and can be rewarding in many ways. You can decide where you teach, how you teach your students, times you are available for lessons, your fees, materials used, etc.

Why Private Lessons? Students View

Students attending large chain schools in Japan can pay high fees for English courses. Fees will vary depending on the course bought, and when they add in the joining fee it can be very expensive for students. With a private lesson, students pay their teacher on a per-lesson basis and they have personalized lessons. It also offers flexibility to the student and makes financial sense.

The Lessons - First Contact

Once a student has chosen a teacher, we will notify the teacher of their selection. We forward the teachers contact information to the student (email and phone details), and the student can then contact the teacher directly to arrange a meeting.

Generally initial contact from students with is by email but when a student does call you on the phone please speak clearly and at an easy pace. Perhaps repeat and have the student repeat details about meeting time and place also.

Lesson Venue

Teachers elect to teach private lessons at their home, in a cafe, or their classroom. The initial meeting between a teacher and student may be more comfortable in a neutral setting such as a cafe. If you teach students in your apartment, it's a good idea to keep it on the neat side of the scale.

Note: Don't limit yourself to your immediate neighborhood for teaching private lessons, perhaps you can attract students near your workplace.

Teaching Materials

Use teaching materials that you are comfortable with and have them ready. If you don't have many textbooks, maybe photocopy a few of your colleagues or friends books. Check the classifieds as you will occasionally find people giving teaching materials away if they are leaving Japan.

You can find various websites where you can download ready made lessons and other teaching related materials. Check our teaching tips page.

Scheduling And Cancellations

When arranging lesson dates and times get your student to repeat details to you just so you don't forget! Seriously though, no one wants a no-show and it's an easy way to lose a student. In the event of cancellations please try to give as much notice as possible.

Students Pay You

Students pay teachers cash on a lesson-to-lesson basis or as arranged between each other. If you have never been paid this way before you may feel a little awkward at first. Perhaps have the student give you your lesson fee in an envelope.

Students should know your lesson fee from your profile but it's still a good idea to mention it in conversation on your first meeting with a student so there is no confusion. Also, please do not increase your fees at the time of selection for the student that has just selected you as their choice has been based on details on your profile at that time.

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