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We have been online since 2003 and have assisted many students to find language teachers in Japan over that time. The site is directed at teachers that are already in Japan and Japanese people that wish to learn a foreign language.

Language teachers working in Japan that would like to teach private lessons in their free time can easily register with us. Teachers can use 121sensei.com free of charge, and edit or delete their profile at any time.

121sensei.com will accept registrations from people of professions other teaching also, as long as the language that you would like to teach is native to you, or that you are fluent in it.

Students usually select a few teachers at a time from 121sensei.com and then contact the teachers to arrange a meeting. From those meetings the student is then in a better position to make a final decision on the teacher best suited to them.

Students will search for teachers by the language they want to learn and the locations convenient to them. These are the first parameters students search by and then they can refine their selection by reading the information that teachers display on their profile.

121sensei.com is the bridge between students and teachers in the sense that teachers contact information is available through us. Teachers email addresses and phone numbers are not shown online for privacy reasons. Once a student is in touch with a teacher 121sensei.com has done it's job as all arrangements will then be between them. However, students are always welcome to get further teachers contact details from us in the event that the teachers they initially chose are not suitable for whatever reason.

In offering this service to language teachers in Japan we hope you will take advantage of it and use it to suit your needs. If you have any questions you can check out our FAQ page, thank you.

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