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Some Online Stuff In Japan

These sites are directed at the foreign community in Japan with lots of useful info about places to eat, people to meet, and jobs to get.

  • Sushicam for articles on living, working, and travelling in Japan.
  • Kansai Scene keeps you in-the-know. Heaps of Kansai area info.
  • Get Hiroshima covers many aspects of what you can do in the city.
  • Crazy Japan Times covers 'goofy news and scandals'.
  • Aichi Voice is a publication of the Aichi Prefectural Government.
  • The Japan Page has lots of information about books on Japan.
  • Japan Reference has more than enough for you to get lost in.
  • Fukuoka Now covers Kyushu area restaurants, shops, bars, etc.
  • Japan Visitor offers useful info and services for visitors to Japan.
  • Nipponia is in English, Korean, Chinese, French, Spanish or Russian.

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